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Photo by Ana Ponzo

Photo by Ana Ponzo

Brace yourselves…BURN is smokin’ hot!

Look out R&B fans, as the L.A.-based band BURN prepares to set the world on fire. BURN’s super-sized ensemble is the brainchild of Musical Artist, Songwriter, Guitarist, and Producer Tom Pergola. Those who recognize the name may recall that his last work, The Tom Pergola Project, Vol. 1, produced several hits on the MP3 charts and the No. 1 R&B hit, “Sweet and Mellow.” The album also made No. 1 best-selling album in its genre. Pergola’s new project, BURN, is a blend of R&B, funk, and dance. He embarked on his latest feat piecing together the perfect combination of musicians and vocalists. “I wanted to pull together all the elements I love in music with a lot of rhythm. I love Latin music; I love Funk and R&B and I love horns,” said Pergola, adding that the result is better than his expectations. Pergola admits that the instrument-focused band is larger than most contemporary R&B groups, but he wanted a unique sound. “I wanted to put in all of the elements I really liked and not worry about how many pieces there would be. I wasn’t willing to compromise the sound for fewer players.”

Pergola, who once spent time playing with singer Charo, said that the band is the culmination of sounds that have influenced Pergola’s life, combining old school R&B with a new sound. “We are a very high-energy party band. We have seasoned musicians, many of whom have worked with big names, and band members range in age from twenty to sixty somethings. I call it a new sound built on retro ground.” The group is anchored by Pergola, and BURN’s songs which Pergola wrote, show the group’s versatility. The songs run the spectrum from heartbreak to cruising and dancing, resulting on a party on stage. Much like his musical influences Earth, Wind and Fire, James Brown, and Sly and the Family Stone, BURN is hell-bent on creating quality music for all. The lyrics are catchy with a feel-good groove. “I want to appeal to a wide variety of fans,” said Pergola.

“I designed BURN for concerts and large venues,” said Pergola, and BURN has indeed performed in numerous venues and outdoor concerts. Along the way the band was introduced to Mark Maverick, the owner of Indie 104.com, a worldwide internet radio station. The all-format station has over 8.6 million listeners with 200,000 of them per hour. They’re bigger than any FM radio station and was voted Station Of The Year in 2006, 2007, and 2008 by The New Music Awards in Hollywood. After Maverick played three of BURN’s songs throughout one particular day, one of them, titled “Come Back,” rapidly became the number one most requested song and hit number one on their charts for months, while their other two songs followed closely behind. In the summer of 2009 Pergola granted Larry Flick, of Sirius Satellite Radio DJ in New York, an exclusive to play one of BURN’s songs. It was played worldwide along with all the top hits of the time. More recently, Fox Radio played three of BURN’s songs on over 262 of their FM stations nationwide, in addition to parts of Canada and Europe.

BURN just might ignite a music revolution!